Supporting women live vibrantly & full of energy through anti-inflammatory foods, stress management and lifestyle changes.

My name is Denise, and I teach working women over 35, to eat fresh whole foods so they can lose weight and have more energy, without shakes, pills or magic.

I believe it’s every woman’s birthright not feel sick and exhausted. 

I help working women like you break free from diets, and get to the root cause of your health issues. 

……so you can heal your body and thrive. 

Learn how to crack the code on eating for energy, feeding your family and doing self-care when you have no time.

What you eat will define what your children will eat.

Your relationship with food will define your children’s relationship with food.

You deserve to feel and look sexy every day. This is your divine birthright.

My goal is to teach you how to master your daily schedule so you can enjoy your life without restriction, dieting, fear of eating a carb or eating the wrong foods and having to go to the gym to burn off the calories you ate for lunch.

  • I’ll teach you what foods to eat for your unique body
  • I’ll find solutions that are 100% customized based on your preferences and lifestyle
  • I’m not here to tell you to eat paleo, raw, vegan, high protein, low carb, etc…
  • I’m here to teach you how to eat without overwhelm
  • I’m here to teach you the steps to living the life you deserve…a life without counting points
  • I’m here to help you implement a step by step change that’s sustainable for you

Let me say this loud and clear, after working with me you can throw the diet books away or donate them because you won’t need them. You’ll intuitively know what to eat, what nourishes, what exhausts you, how to plan even when you have no time. I am going to teach you how to reset your body even when you go astray from eating healthy.

So whether you are…

  • Stressed out because you’re rushing home after a long day at work knowing that you’re expected to cook and prepare a healthy and delicious meal before you get the kids to football or soccer practice
  • Frustrated because there’s no time to cook. You’re at the soccer or football field 5 days a week, and by the time you get home, it’s too late to make a meal anyone would consider healthy
  • Exhausted all the time especially in the afternoon and need a dose of caffeine to keep you awake
  • Worried that you’ll never be able to fit into those jeans or feel sexy in a bathing suit because you can’t seem to lose the weight no matter how hard you exercise
  • Constipated on a regular basis which makes you feel bloated and nauseous after you eat
  • Popping Advil and Tylenol daily because the migraine headaches are unbearable BUT you’re mom, you’re wanted and needed ALL the time

One thing’s for certain:

You deserve not to feel sick and exhausted. You deserve to thrive. I’ll help you make step by step changes leading to long lasting results.


The sooner you take care of your health, the better!  You need a health coach because every day you waste, your health could become worse, and every day you continue your unhealthy routine, you feel like crap. You need a functional medicine health coach like me to help you get to the why! Why you’re not losing weight. Why you’re having headaches. Why you crave doughnuts and Oreo cookies at 3:00 PM.  

Crappy and unhealthy moms don’t  have patience for their family and most often feel anxiety about life.

So let’s make sure you’re taking care of yourself so you can be the best mommy, wife, friend and set an amazing example for your kiddos.

I was a junk food girl. I’m now a busy, healthy mom, making it my mission to help other working women live the life they deserve without exhaustion, migraines, constipation, allergies, acne and overwhelm. 

Imagine a life where you don’t crave sugar all day or drink endless cups of coffee to have energy.

Let me help you jumpstart your health with fresh whole foods. NO PILLS! NO SHAKES! NO MAGIC!
You want to look younger, have less stress and intuitively know which foods give you energy and which foods rob you blind.

I’ll show you how to crack the code on healthy eating without counting calories, carbs, points and how to eat healthy when you have no time.

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Download the free 7 Super Simple Meals recipes.

It's free.

In this free ebook, you'll discover 5 ingredients meals that help you save time in the kitchen and have more time to catch up on more fun and relaxing activities.

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