The Relaxed Mom Playbook

​A step by step playbook to help you put yourself FIRST so you thrive in your health and life. 

​What if you never had to feel like you’re drowning with daily tasks again? What if you never had to feel stressed out on a daily basis again?
With The Relaxed Mom Playbook, there’s no need for stress and overwhelm, you’ll learn to be more peaceful, relaxed and happy in 5 days.


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Tell me if this sounds like you:

✔︎You’re constantly yelling at the kids and pretty much everyone around you.

✔︎You’re so stressed, feel cranky and upset 90% of the time.

✔︎You’re drowning with house chores, to-do lists, working from home, online school for the kids, and so much more.

✔︎Nothing makes you happy.

✔︎You started day drinking coz heck it’s happy hour somewhere in the world.

What if there’s a way to be peaceful, happy, and relaxed most days not only when you’re tipsy?

That’s exactly why I created The Relaxed Mom Playbook.

Get peaceful and way less stressed in 5 days by dramatically improving your self-care routine.

What is The Relaxed Mom Playbook?

The relaxed mom playbook is a digital, quick workshop that helps you dramatically improve your self-care routine or create one if you don’t have one, in 5 days.

It can help you achieve:

● Less stressed out days
● Peace and calm within, despite all the chaos happening around you
● More happiness and fun in your life so that you can enjoy your kids and family instead of losing your sh%% daily

Right now, you’re struggling with

● Daily stress
● Chaos in your life
● Endless to do lists that’ll never get done
● “There isn’t enough time in the day”
● Crankiness and moodiness
● Feeling overwhelmed daily

Imagine if …

● You decrease your stress levels to 10% or even less
● You feel more peace and calm amongst the chaos happening around you
● You’re more patient with the people who love you
● You actually get the stuff on the “to do list” done, instead of scrolling aimlessly on social
media wondering why Sue can be all dressed up looking perrty at 9:00 AM
● You feel genuinely happy without having to down one bottle of wine a night (who’s
counting right?)

Those possibilities can become your realities with The Relaxed Mom Playbook


Lock in this low price today!

Hey, my name is Denise Loutfi, creator of The Relaxed Mom Playbook.
I’m an applied functional medicine health coach ( a mouth full I know, it means I’m a health coach with a dose of extra which is functional medicine training).

I also used to be a worry and stress freak. I took care of others before myself. I used to worry and stress about every single thing. I lived in my head constantly and spiraled down one negative thought after the other. Until I learned what stress and worry do to my body, brain, soul and wellbeing.

I immersed myself in everything: mindset, self-care, gratitude, journaling, meditation, etc… and my life started to shift to more happiness, calm, and manifestation. I’m NOT perfect and I still stress from time to time BUT I have the tools and strategies. My stress levels decreased from 200% to 10-20%.

I’ve designed the exact step-by-step playbook to dramatically improve your self-care routine or create one if you don’t have one, in only 5 days. Now,I’m sharing it with you inside The Relaxed Mom Playbook. I created The Relaxed Mom Playbook because I know when you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone. You can’t serve from an empty cup correct? Self-care is not selfish, self-care is a MUST in order for you to be happier, calmer and more peaceful.

Let´s dive into the details of what you get:

There are 5 short videos inside The Relaxed Mom Playbook. 

Here’s what you’ll learn inside The Relaxed Mom Playbook:

How to get over “It’s selfish to take care of myself” using the airplane rule. In this lesson, I cover the following:

● What is self-care?
● Why is self-care important?
● What stress does to your body?
● What self-care does to your body
● The airplane rule

How to make self-care a non-negotiable so that you can find peace amongst the chaos of working from home, virtual school, and house chores. I will teach  you how to do that in 5 days using the BYT (brush your teeth) method. In this lesson, I cover:

● What does “non-negotiable” mean?
● How to define your non-negotiables?
● How to make self-care a non-negotiable
● The BYT (brush your teeth method)

How to set up a self-care routine unique to you even if you only have 5 min. I’ll introduce you to the 5 min crunch. In this lesson, I cover:

● The exact step-by-step to establish a self-care routine
● The 5 min crunch

How to use the AG (Attitude of Gratitude) principle to change your life from chaos to calm, from drowning with tasks to getting stuff done. In this lesson, I cover:

● What is gratitude?
● How gratitude can turn your life upside down-to the better?
● How to incorporate gratitude daily?
● The AG principle

You’ll also get the following worksheets, cheat sheets and calendars to make your dreams of “sitting down and relaxing” a REALITY:

1. A Self-Care Cheat Sheet: 40 examples of self-care activities that you can choose
from VALUE: $97
2. Over 40 affirmation cards that you can print, or write down VALUE: $97
3. 30 journal prompts to get you started on journaling VALUE: $57
4. Meditation/Visualization playlist VALUE- $27


The following bonuses are included in the program

Self-Care Cheat Sheet

Affirmation Cards

Journal Prompts

Meditation/Visualization Playlist

The lessons and bonuses represent a $1363.00 value, BUT you can get started today for $67


FAQs:You’ve got Qs and I’ve got As

Can I accomplish it in 5 days?

Yes you can do it in 5 days or even less. I ask that you watch each lesson and implement. However, you need to start this program with an open mind and heart ready to change. I will be giving you EVERYTHING you need to dramatically improve your self-care routine. It’s up to you to implement it on the daily and make it a habit.

Do I have time?

The lessons are short and practical. If you’re not gonna make 5 min for you, then this program isn’t for you. You can watch the lessons or listen to them while cooking or folding laundry. You decide. 

What is my investment?

This program is worth $1363 but you’re getting it for $67.

Who will keep me accountable?

You! You’re a big girl and it’s time to take ownership of your self-care. It doesn’t come with a FB group. You watch the lessons, use the cheat sheets, affirmation cards, journal prompts and the bonuses I’m providing you and implement. I broke it down to tiny exact steps needed to succeed. I’m giving you ALL the tools so that you don’t have to research anything.

How long is the routine?

You decide. In lesson 3, I teach you to set up one even if you only have 5 minutes. Like I said, if you can’t dedicate 5 min a day for you, then it’s important to look at your priorities. You can schedule a clarity conversation with me to get you on the right track.

Do I need to buy anything extra?

Nope. Nothing! I’m providing you with EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

Will it be fun?

You make it fun of course. I’m giving you over 40 examples of activities, you choose what makes you happy.

Is it flexible to fit my schedule?

Absolutely. I teach you how to make it fit your schedule.

What is my investment time and money?

This program is worth $1363 but you’re getting it for $67. You have access to it for a LIFETIME. 

As far as time, the lessons are short. There are 5 videos to watch. You can complete the whole program in less than a day or you can break it down into 5 days and spend 15-20 min to implement.

If I enjoy the 5 days, is there an opportunity to continue with continued supports from you? If so, what would it look like?

OF COURSE. You have 2 options:
1- You can schedule a complimentary call with me so you can get clear on your goals
2- You can sign up to be on the waitlist for Master Your Mind, Master Your Health, a more detailed program on how to use the power of your mind to achieve ultimate health.

Who is this for?

Stressed working mothers

You’re working from home, the kids are learning virtually at home. You find yourself getting interrupted constantly.

“Mom I’m hungry, Mom I can’t log in Zoom, Mom the teacher glitched, I didn’t get the assignment” and so many more…

When you interrupt your work, you make up the hours later, which leaves you stressed out and cranky.

The Relaxed Mom Playbook will help you feel less stressed, more happy and calm. What’s not to love? The interruptions remain BUT your yelling will lessen.

Mom Entrepreneurs 

You’re growing a business while raising a family. Sometimes you find yourself putting your biz on the back burner because your kids need your attention.

You feel overwhelmed and frustrated? Why am I not making money?

Let me tell you, when you take care of yourself and are grateful for what you have, more abundance comes your way. Yup it’s that magical.

The Relaxed Mom Playbook will help you bring more abundance to your business while taking care of you and your family.

Exhausted Stay-at-home-mom 

You’re a stay-at-home-mom and you despise when others think your job is easy, sometimes they might say “you have nothing to do” which irritates the ish out of you.

Your job and what you do is even harder than working mothers. You’re always with the kids and always have something to do: cooking, snacks, cleaning, running errands, etc…

You’re exhausted and don’t feel appreciated. The Relaxed Mom Playbook will help you feel less exhausted, less stressed and more appreciated and happy.

Here’s how this works:

  • Step 1

    Grab your digital copy of The Relaxed Mom Playbook course by clicking on any of the “Buy” buttons

  • Step 2

    Check your inbox for your registration link so you can register your account and jump in and get started today!

    After you register your account, your course will be available in your course library

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Follow the step-by-step playbook to create more calm, more happiness and less stress fast. Start with the intro video of day #1 and move on to the next lesson.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. So please check the FAQ or email me with any questions.

Imagine where you could be a month from now…

Peace and stillness are part of your daily life
● Making sitting down and relaxing a daily habit without feeling the mommy guilt
● Finally getting some alone time without shaming yourself constantly
● Feeling true happiness without being drunk or tipsy
● Feeling less emotional especially during unexpected times

The video lessons, and the bonuses are worth a value of $1363, BUT you can get started today for ONLY $67. 


Now Only $67